Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump

Aug 13, 2020

Karen Gutfreund presents

Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump

Right Rear 31 (Donald Trump) by Aaron Wilder

Not Normal VIDEO


A project of curator Karen GutfreundNot Normal: Art in the Age of Trump is a visual protest of the Trump administration featuring 142 artists with over 350 works. “Art as Activism!” Artists resist the “not normal” political climate and raise their paintbrushes in protest of #45 on a variety of subjects including xenophobia, racism, misogyny, culture of violence, denying climate change, being a “liar liar pants on fire”, the pandemic debacle and just plain general stupidity. While the subject matter is very serious, the art is delivered with an irreverent sense of humor from the participating artists. The book can be purchased on Amazon.

Aaron Wilder's "Right Rear" project is included in Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump. "Right Rear" is an ongoing digital collage series identifying the most conservative public individual, in Wilder's opinion, for each year starting in 1985. The term "Right Rear" is taken from a stove setting applied to conservative politicians and others to outline the artist's own personal opinion of these individuals. This series is heavily influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairey. Wilder uses high contrast, simple colors, and a triptych-style composition to confront viewers with an accessible and clear statement inviting viewers to analyze the impact of these conservative personas on society at large as well as them personally. Pop art styling and advertising tactics are employed in a street art approach to engage viewers in critical thinking.

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